Welcome to MycoGeo.com

("MycoGeo" is short for Mycological Geography)

If there's something in particular you're looking for, contact me at: georgeriner 'at' mycogeo 'dot' com

For now, here are some links that may be interesting if you're looking for more about me.

Social Networking

My page at LinkedIn

I do not do Facebook. If you search Facebook for me, there appear to be a couple of people with my name. Neither of them are me. When I receive an invitation to join Facebook or a link to someone's Facebook page, I just ignore it.

I do have a Twitter account, but I do not tweet. (At least not since March 2012, when I joined Twitter.)

I do have a Google+ account, but I rarely post.

In general, I am a very light user of social networking technologies.

Some of my interests and activities:


I have a M.S. degree in GIS from Salem State University.

My thesis project was working with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to determine if it was to their advantage to account for terrain when computing road lengths - as federal funds for road maintenance are partly based on linear miles of roads. The answer, in brief: not much, but any benefit that could be obtained would be swamped out by correcting errors in the existing data; and accurately computing this requires dealing with the special cases of bridges, overpasses, tunnels, and roads that are very close to the coastline. This project was presented as a poster at the 2007 AAG conference in San Francisco.

Since moving to Sonoma County, I worked at Sonoma State University on a remote sensing project to create annual land cover maps from 2001 - 2010 for the areas of Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean, using satellite imagery from the MODIS platform. These maps were then used by various researchers to analyze land cover change over the period. An example of such research is Land change for all municipalities in Latin America and the Caribbean. This work involved much programming in Python, IDL, and R, and some use of Linux to run some image calibration tools for Landsat data.

I also participate in GIS Day with the North Bay GIS Users Group.

Amateur mycology (mushrooming)

I started mushrooming with the Boston Mycological Club in 1993.

Then I moved to Sonoma county in spring of 2008 and became active in the Sonoma County Mycological Association.

I post many photos of mushrooms to Mushroom Observer.

In addition to the SOMA and the BMC, I am a member of other mycological clubs: BAMS, MSSF, NAMA.

Part of the idea for the name 'mycogeo' is projects like this: Preliminary work for Potential habitat for Calostoma cinnabarina.

Morris dancing

This is an offshoot of Contra Dancing, which I was introduced to in Concord, MA.

I attended many contra dances in the Bay Area after moving out here and have migrated to Morris dancing with the Apple Tree Morris group. I hope to be able to perform with the group soon. In the meantime, practice!

Rigpa Fellowship

Rigpa is an organization I stumbled onto when I was looking for meditation. I began with Rigpa near Boston, MA. I now attend the San Francisco Rigpa center. I have attended 5 retreats with Sogyal Rinpoche (as of the end of 2012). In general, I find Tibetan Buddhism a positive force in my life.

Miscellaneous activities

I brew beer at home. Extract or partial-mash recipes.
I keep chickens.
I garden.
I like to cook, although I am by no means a 'foodie'.
I post very occasionally to a blog, here.
I hike barefoot.

And while I enjoy working in PC software and hardware - as perhaps a final note, it may be obvious from this web page that I am not a web developer.